Sitting with a Good Feeling

This week it has come to my attention that I have really come a long way in my healing since 2019. In 2019 I was about 5 years into healing full time and working to better my life. I was having several panic attacks a week, nightmares, flashbacks and a whole lot of other awful symptoms of CPTSD that I experience.

I am a data oriented person so of course, I have tracked my CPTSD symptoms of the past 7 years. Here’s what I’m willing to share that has changed because I worked very hard to help myself and heal instead of kill myself:

Symptom Start 2014 2019 Now
Panic attacks 20+ per day 3-5/wk 1 every couple months
General Anxiety all day, all night All day, all night Periods of general anxiety during the day
Nightmares Everynight 4-5 days a week a few times the week before my period(pms effect)
Flashbacks every waking hour Several times a day several times a day
Insomnia Every night, I barely slept Periods of insomnia lasting months Shorter periods of insomnia to a few days
Headaches Daily most days but not all Several times a month
Dissociation Daily and not controllable most days, brain is foggy Present most of the time

So in realizing all this I am sitting here with a good feeling. Through my meditation practice I can hang onto these good feelings longer. I’m allowing myself to feel proud of myself for all that I have accomplished. For most of my life I wasn’t allowed to be proud. I still see this messaging especially to women and girls. Fuck all that though. This is proof that I am capable of change, growth, and that I am unstoppable. Slowly but surely, one step at a time.

I also don’t allow myself to be continually hurt or be hurt anymore. This is so huge there will probably be several posts about it as I figure out the repercussions of this change. I am not going back anymore. I’m not checking on things or responding to abusive people from my past. I have removed them from my life and the unintentional priority they once had. My priorities are now in line with a healthier happier life for myself. I feel like things will get even better from hear as I continue to take good loving care of myself.

I still struggle a lot but the feelings are less intense, less urgent. It’s like I can sometimes remove myself from the pain and see myself as someone who is healing and needs compassion. Then I give myself that compassion. This wasn’t always easy especially when I didn’t like myself but it got easier to choose compassion than the urge to be cruel. It’s been a lot of trying things that I was very resistant to doing. Resistance is a normal. What’s important is to keep going. That’s what I am going to do. I plan to be around for a long time and to share what I’ve learned.


  1. I love to read this. To see how far you’ve come, and especially to see the compassion you afford yourself.

    It’s a heck of a journey, huh. I don’t know if we ever reach the end, but seeing progress like this makes me think that just maybe…


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