Writing and Sharing My Story

I have been doing a lot of writing even though this blog has not been getting regular updates. I have notebooks I write in but I’ve been free writing on twitter and letting it fly. It’s been liberating and I feel more free than ever. I don’t keep the abuser’s secrets anymore. It’s  more clear than ever now what was abusive and harmful to me.

My thought threads don’t seem to always fit a long blog post. Trying to fit what all the search engines and all that want is tiring and not helping me to express myself. It just feels like more restrictions and expectations. I just want to tell my truth. Life is difficult and I’m not going to be silent anymore.

My twitter is raw and real and ME. I am practicing not holding back and being more of my authentic self. That’s a practice too, to put myself out there. It’s vulnerable but a powerful feeling too. I am finding healing in my online community on twitter. I’ve placed my twitter feed on my blog here(on the right) You can follow me on twitter to get my feed there if you are on that platform.

Eventually I’ll unpack my downloaded posted from twitter and repost them here in more readable structure. In the meantime I’m doing all the thing to express myself. It’s helping so I’m leaning into creation and writing. I gotta do what helps and doesn’t harm me in the long road.

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