How Did You Survive?

How Did You Survive? I get this question sometimes when people learn about my past abuse. In this audio file I talk about it as much as I can.

***Please note that some of the content may be triggering and/or painful for sensitive people. I speak about abuse bluntly and it can come off harsh. Always take care of yourself 1st and skip it if you think it might be too much right now. If you do listen and feel like you were triggered please practice selfcare and grounding. It is not my intention to trigger anyone or make anyone feel bad but it happens. 


  1. These spoken posts are so good, that 35 minutes went by so fast!
    It’s great to hear you (in your own words) verbally spew your guts (lol), and I’m guessing it must be of help to you too to just talk and let out how your feeling, I could listen to that all day.
    Honestly in the few years I’ve been reading this blog I think I’ve only been triggered once, maybe twice, but that’s it. Maybe it’s how you have the ability to put things across. Some of the posts are heavy, and hard to read but somehow behind it all you can tell that there is hope, a longing for life, love and positivity and also the willingness to help others too that comes through in how you write and now how you speak, and it truly does help others, I’m certain of that.


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