My Healing Accomplishments

Whew! It’s been about a year since I last updated my blog. I had to take a much needed break. I also couldn’t concentrate for shit. My PTSD had gotten to a point that I needed to get help again. I was feeling suicidal and my brain was all out of sorts with flashbacks, insomnia, and lot of other horrible symptoms I was trying to cope with on my own. You will see what I mean from the videos around October on my Patreon account.

I finally got it through my thick head that I can’t do this by myself. I needed a medical team to help me. I needed a support system. I needed a lot that I wasn’t able to give myself.  Having to mostly deal with my CPTSD by myself I was very resistant to getting help. I moved to NY state to get better mental healthcare. I was afraid but I did it anyway. I signed up for state help and made a psychiatrist appointment. From there I was in the hospital for awhile in the Partial Hospitalization program. It is a step from inpatient care. I completed the program and now I am in a longer program to learn how to manage my symptoms and finally get the trauma therapy I have so desperately needed for decades.

Its been an adventure but I am still here, still living, and healing. Here are some things I have accomplished so far:

My healing accomplishments so far:

I am free from the abuse of my past. No one toxic is in my life or allowed to stay. Period.
Quit Smoking
Moved across country to NY state for better  mental healthcare
Moved i with my family for more support and stable safe housing
Stopped talking to abusers from my past
Made friends with myself and learning to love myself
Completed Partial Hospitalization Program at the local hospital
Enrolled in a day program to learn more coping skills
Found a trauma therapist I really like and I am respected
Built a medical team and support system
6 years healing full time
Started to put myself 1st

I reached LEVEL 40! I just had a birthday this month!(on the 21st)

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I’d also like to apologize to anyone that was trying to get in touch with my this last year or so. I have had very little energy to respond but I plan to get better with that! I promise I was not ignoring anyone on purpose. I keep telling myself that I will tackle the comments and emails but then I am exhausted from fighting mental illness.  I hope you will forgive me.

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