Sarah Blake pt2


  1. Lovely Sarah, I didn’t get all your audio blog, cause English is not my first language; so I missed something here & there;

    Anyway: I’m sorry for the death of Sarah Blake, cause I loved her and I guess you loved her too.

    For some stupid people you need to cancel almost 15 years of your life. That’s a pity.

    Anyway: Sarah Blake is dead, Sarah Garlits is alive!
    I loved her, i’ve been a fan and maybe a friend of SB; I hope to be a friend of SG, with your permission!

    Life is long, manu things will happen, enjoy it!

    Btw: in Italy is not forbidden to feed your baby in public. It’s cool to listen you talk about that, cause this really morning I saw here in Italy, at Bologna railway station, a girl feeding her baby in the waiting room.
    A lot of people there, nobody blamed her, many women smiled watching her.

    We can ever drink alcohol in public, without the need to put the bottle in a paper bag (that everyone knows that contains alcohol!).

    So, America is not the world, you can find a lot of different things abroad.

    So please, enjoy your new Sarah Garlits’s life and don’t forget your Italian friend Mario.

    Have a good day honey.

    With love, Mario


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