1. I guess recording is fine.
    I loved Sarah Blake, but most of all I love you. What you decide, is good for me.
    Keep pushing!


  2. (big hugs)
    You are so strong – sorry to see Miss Blake go, but it’s all about what’s best for you and you need to take the steps that are healing and work for you.


  3. The audio sounds fine.
    And you’ve been a great help to me in dealing with someone very close to me who suffers from severe PTSD. As such I would like to maintain contact with you


  4. Great to hear your voice! This is a great idea, and the recording was fine too, didn’t sound to loud or quiet to me. It’s a shame we can’t do audio comments!
    Really looking forward to ‘hearing’ your journey now


  5. The recording is great. While I will be saddened at the death of your alter ego, I want you to succeed and be happy. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your endeavors.


  6. I’ve been a fan of Sarah Blake since the first time I ever saw her. I’ve always had a thing for redheads and that’s what caught my attention first of all. Then I saw her beautiful eyes and fell in love forever. It was a bondage shoot for kink I first saw her performing in and a thousand things at once were expressed in a single look. Sarah Blake quickly became a model I’d search for and love seeing submit to the dommes of the various kink sites.
    Later I came across her femdom clips and had my mind blown all over again. More beautiful than ever and now the one calling the shots! Gorgeous and dangerous.
    Later still I came across her twitter account and came to know a lot more about the woman behind the superhero identity. Of her past abuses and ongoing healing. The stark honesty about her past and dauntless defiance to trolls nearly broke my heart. Here was a woman who had given me countless pleasure through her art so I tried to repay that in a minute way by sending a few gifts here and there via amazon or a cheery message of support to try and make the dark days a little less dark. I’ve cried several times to your PTSD videos on youtube and have been cheering your recovery on from this usually indifferent world of the internet.
    Now I am very pleased to be seeing Sarah Garlits for the first time and where you’re going to now. Sarah Blake will always have a special place in my heart but so does Sarah Garlits. You are such an amazing person with the biggest heart.
    Thank you Sarah Blake for all the good times. Hello Sarah Garlits, looking forward to following your new adventures ahead. 🙂
    Love to both Sarahs, HC


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